Royalty Management Software developed for your business.

Royalty Management Software

Royalty Management Software

Royalty Management Software Developed For Your Business

Our Royalty Management Software allows you to easily calculate and track royalties, generate professional reports, and access all of the data you require for optimal reporting. It ensures 100% accuracy by automating calculations for quantity-dependent rates and deductions. Our Royalty Management Software has you covered whether you require a simple module integrated into your current finance system or a complete Publisher Royalty solution.

  • Scale Seamlessly  with your growing Buisness
  • Minimize Errors & Mistakes
  • Automate your Royalty process
  • Central Knowledge Base Repository
  • Consolidated Sales Data & Insights
  • Easily access past data
  •  Accounting Software Integration 


Royalty Management Software

Our Fully Integrated Royalty Management Software offers -

User-Friendly Interface & Integration

Our Royalty Management Software has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for you to access and use all of its functions. The platform seamlessly connects with other systems, allowing you to organize your processes and increase productivity.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard View
  • 24/7 Online Access Support
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Custom Report Generation
  • Communication Tools
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Accounting software Integration 
  • DRM System Integration 
  • CMS System Integration 
  • E-commerce Intregration 
  • Other Third-Party Integration
Royalty Management Software
Royalty Management Software

Contract Management

Contract management allows you to centralize all royalty agreements and contracts, making important details like payment terms, royalty rates, and license duration easily accessible. So you can make informed judgments about which licenses to pursue or renew, minimizing risks and increasing profits.

  • Easy modifications of royalty rates or payment conditions
  • Track and manage contract adjustments
  • Keep track of expiration dates and renewal deadlines
  • Ensure timely royalty payments
  • Examine contracts for compliance
  • Detect discrepancies or underpayments
  • Digital Contract Signature supports Centralized storage of all royalty agreements and contracts.

Sales Aggregator

The Sales Aggregator feature can help publishers to get consolidated sales data into a centralized dashboard system to track their sales more easily and make data-driven decisions. It includes data from various online retailers, physical bookstores, and other sales channels.

  • Built-in Currency Converter 
  • File upload from Unlimited sources
  • Single Database creation from multiple files
  • Error-free Payout calculation 
  • Red Flag Alerts for Error
  • Reduce risk in external audits
  • Provide a central repository to prevent knowledge loss
Royalty Management Software
Royalty Management Software

Royalty Tracking

Our cutting-edge Royalty Management Software is designed to ease the complex process of tracking and sending royalty reports. It allows you to prepare extremely professional royalty reports with only a few clicks, giving you simple access to all the necessary data for efficient reporting.

  • Define contract terms easily
  • Manage royalties recipient information
  • Automate royalty payouts and create professional reports
  • Manage multiple contracts with multi-contract management
  • Generate statement balance reports for accrual reporting, accounting, and management
  • Calculate royalties accurately for complex contract clauses
  • Access in-depth reports such as the Sales Reconciliation Report and Adjustments Reconciliation Report

Royalty Portal

Royalty Portal simplifies the process of managing payments to contributors. With easy and professional communication, it reduces customer support time and eliminates payment errors.

  • Professional and easy communication with contributors
  • Share current & Past  Royalty statements easily 
  • Secure Document storage
  • 24/7 online access for contributors
  • Licensing suitability
  • Handle Multiple Contributor 
  • Transaction detail access
  • Professional report design
Royalty Management Software

Effortlessly Manage Your Royalty Lifecycle with Our Solution

Simplification is the Key to Achieving Efficiency in Royalty Management Lifecycle. Our Royalty Management Software Can Significantly Reduce the Effort Required for Managing Royalties.

  • Create and store agreements with authors easily
  • Record royalty rules in the royalty tracker
  • View a list of all titles easily
  • Create templates from each type of sales file from different sales pipelines (e.g. Amazon, Apple, and distributors)
  • The sales period starts automatically when a new agreement is signed
  • Use a currency converter to consolidate different sales reports
  • Reconcile sales data and provide information about unprocessed royalties
  • Check on advancements and adjustments easily
  • Automatically recoup advancements before royalty payments are made
  • Settle based on configured ratios and prices
  • Provide a final balance and simple audit
  • Select a title and check statements quickly and easily
  • Easily overview royalty settlements
  • Make quick and simple royalty payments.

Maintain positive relationships with your contributions while decreasing customer service calls with our Royalty Management Software. Contact Us Today!