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Acumen Standing Order Module

Acumen Standing Order Module

A standing order is a recurring purchasing authorization. The fundamental objective of the Acumen Standing Order Module is to facilitate the adaptable storing, processing, and creation of subsequent invoices. It allows you to record the information of an order that will be produced in the future, whether the product is not currently in stock, the client does not want the goods before a specified date, or the product is planned to be supplied over a while. You can also  control the lifespan of a Standing Order using the Start Date, Cancel Date, and Renew Date.

Amazing Features

Track Prepayment Balance

You can track the prepayment balance of the customer that they used in purchasing specific Products with prepaid standing orders.

Automatic Status Updates

Standing Orders' status can be automatically changed as a product is received into inventory or transferred from one place to another.

Multiple Billing Options

You have the option of billing on a monthly, annual, or one-time basis. The cycle billing option is available for non-inventory products.

Smart Planning

Standing Order Plans allow you to handle a set of Standing Orders that are all allocated to the same Plan effectively.

Reduces Paperwork

It tracks the history of each standing order as well as the invoice it generates, considerably reducing the related paperwork.

Replicate Purchase

Standing orders can improve a company's efficiency by duplicating purchases and payments rather than requiring each purchase or payment to be initiated individually.

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