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ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP
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ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP
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System Overview

ACUMEN Book® is a customizable business management system for book publishers that improves productivity via tight integration and publishing-centric functionality. ACUMEN provides the publisher the ability to easily access, view and output data critical to its business. The priority of the software system focuses on helping publishers grow and adapt to changing industry standards. It offers a wide range of robust features and seamless integration of optional functions that simplify workflow, data communications, and transparency. It provides an easy-to-use, powerful interface and built-in reporting tools that substantially improve productivity and also support the critical insights necessary for enhanced decision-making in today’s evolving publishing environment.

Acumen system overview

System Highlights

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Financial Management

GL Groups and automated account creation enable easy tracking of revenue and costs by market channels and product lines. Publishing-specific Product P&L can be viewed individually on screen. Multiple Product P&Ls can be exported to Excel. An unlimited number of custom financial reports can be created.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Product Marketing / ONIX

Product Marketing features provide one central storage for all your product metadata. The data can be used to populate one or more web sites, for communications by your marketing staff and for ONIX transmission to your sales partners.

Royalties & Rights

Templates speed up entering royalty rules and other settings. Royalty processing is fast and straight-forward. Statement PDFs can be automatically attached to recipient records. Invoices and credit memos update royalty and rights data on a daily basis. Relevant data is transparent and easily audited.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Sales Analytics

The Sales Analysis system provides the ability to slice and dice data from over 30 sales history rollup tables. One or more queries can be embedded to filter the data. A full range of sales financial metrics is provided.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Job Costing

The publishing-specific Job Cost module tracks book production. It supports budgets and provides the ability to flexibly manage prepress allocations. Detailed and accessible allocation history enables customized reporting by vendor, work and other metrics. The module is tightly linked to purchasing and inventory.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Inventory Management

Both historical and real time inventory are maintained. Tight integration with the Job Cost and Purchasing module provides a high degree of control with optimum efficiency. Print on demand products, consignment products and consignment customers are seamlessly handled.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Marketing & CRM

Customer lists can be generated using a combination of demographics, sales history and communication history. Email blasts can be sent from within ACUMEN or lists can be exported. Events are tracked for customers and contacts. Sales history for each customer is available on screen. Academic Marketing and Telemarking modules are available.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Order Processing

Various process flows agilely support manual, web, EDI, consignment warehouse, print on demand, and eBook distribution orders. Orders can be fulfilled in-house or through a pick, pack and ship service. A sophisticated format specifier provides the flexibility to import orders from just about any distributor without custom programming.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

Digital Transformation

The ACH module reduces or eliminates printed checks. The Document Management module ensures transaction source documents are always available and easily accessible. Multiple approval systems enable paperless financial controls. Royalty statements, invoices and other documents can be emailed. ACUMEN hosted on AWS or Azure supports remote and hybrid workforces.

ACUMEN Book Publishing ERP

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