Accounts Receivable Software For Book Publishing Companies

ACUMENBook Accounts Receivables Software

Accounts Receivables Software Module

ACUMEN Book Accounts Receivable Software Modules
The Acumen Accounts Receivable Software Module provides the tools you need to optimize your publishing company's cash and credit management. It also offers useful insights through a wide range of detailed client and invoice inquiry capabilities, as well as audit reporting features. It contains applications for handling setup, client account creation, invoicing, transactions, maintenance, orders, collection, and aging.

Features of Acumen Account Receivables Module :-

Highlights/Functionalities -

View & Manage AR

Customer Information Management

Inquiries and Reports

The AcumenBook Account Receivable Software Module can assist you in receiving payments more quickly and in resolving inefficient account-receiving procedures to increase your collection’s accuracy. Move the needle towards process efficiency.

Learn how Acumen Book Implementation Accounts Recievables can help you manage your accounting, invoices, etc. and steer your publishing company in the right directions.