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Acumen Commission Module

ACUMEN Commissions Module

Manage Your Sales Commision & Compensation With ACUMEN Book Commission Module.
You can set up ACUMEN to track commissions for sales representatives and automatically create commission checks for them. Commission rates can vary depending on the rep, the customer, or the kind of product. You can assign more than one rep to a customer, and you can enter multiple reps in invoices and credit memos. ACUMEN supports both accrual and cash-based commissions.

There are some important questions to answer as you prepare to set up the Commissions System. Will you use the simple rep/percentage method to calculate commissions, Rep Tables, or the Commission Quota System? And, are your commissions paid on an accrual or a cash basis?

The simplest form of commission agreement is a flat percentage of sales. ACUMEN will automatically load the Rep and corresponding percentage the customer is entered in an invoice or credit memo. You can also use this method when a Rep receives different percentages for different customers, by entering the customer-specific commission percentages directly in the respective Customer records.

ACUMEN Commision Module Highlights

Benefits of ACUMEN Commision Module

Increased Efficiency

When you’re working with a single, universal sales commission solution — such as the ACUMEN Commision— that automatically and accurately calculates incentive compensation payments, the risk of error becomes negligible.

Greater Accuracy

Roll out accurate commission on time without missing a dime. A powerful commission software can manage complex sales commissions and create customized commission systems, which helps you encourage your sales department to perform better.

Improved Sales and Tracking

The one feature many sales professionals desire is being able to post queries or sales receipts at any time from any device. That means they can view exactly where they are in real-time, in terms of target attainment.

Improve Sales Performance

ACUMEN Commision Management Module provides a real time dashboard to track and record your slaes rep performance and identify the ways to increase sales.

Depp Insights To Future

ACUMEN Commision Management System delivers actionable insights from your sales & commision data to secure your future by helping in forecasting future sales trendz.

Enhanced Transparency & Visibility

Commission Management Module enhances the transparency of sales & commissions. Your Sales rep won’t feel in dark, they have a clear compensation visibility.

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