Royalty Management Module for Book Publishing Industry

Acumen Royalty Management Module

Acumen Royalty Management Module

Manage You Complete Royalty Programme With ACUMEN Royalty Management System. ACUMEN Book Royalty Management ERP Module.
ACUMEN’s Royalties Management System Module combines easy, detailed, and complete audit ability, template-driven royalty record entry, extremely flexible royalty statement, report and check processing, and VRM tools to maximize the productivity of a publisher’s royalty team while maintaining excellent author relationships. The system is fully integrated with fulfillment, sales tracking, and accounting functions. Invoices, credit memos, and checks automatically update the royalties payable and/or the royalties advance subsidiary ledgers and corresponding GL accounts. Invoices and Credit Memos also update the cost of sales in the sales analysis system. GL journal entries can update the subsidiary ledgers as well. Integration with the DAM optional module makes it easy to store and access royalty statements and contracts.

ACUMEN Royalty Management Module Highlights

ACUMEN can handle a vast variety of contractual agreements including reserves for returns, author/agent splits, sales levels from other products, sales levels that accumulate independently of one another, and more. For complete details on how to create a Royalty record that accurately reflects a written royalty contract refer to the Royalty Setup eManual. Refer to the Paying Royalties and Auditing Royalties eManuals for additional important topics.

ACUMEN Royalty System Work Flow Diagram

ACUMEN Royalty Management System Workflow Diagram

Learn how Acumen Book Royalty System can help you manage your Royalty programme, and steer your publishing company in the right directions.