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ACUMEN Inventory Management

Acumen Inventory Management

Managing inventory and supply chains is one of the most crucial things publishers must do nowadays to compete in the market. Knowing how many units to produce and the costs associated with that inventory have a significant influence on a company's bottom line. ACUMEN's comprehensive, fully integrated inventory management solution allows you to manage inventories effectively. You can set up as many warehouses as you need to keep track of things at each of your inventory locations. ACUMEN maintains both current and historical inventories.



  • Maintain inventory at an unlimited number of Warehouses in ACUMEN.
  • Set up a consignment Warehouse in ACUMEN when another company stores inventory you own.
  • Set up a No Sales Allowed Warehouse to hold the product until it is okay to release that product to the public.
  • Create one Physical Inventory record for each warehouse where inventory counts are performed.
  • Create Inventory Transactions to record inventory movement 
  •  Semi-automated creation of Vouchers to “pay” non-Job Transactions from the Inventory Transaction record list.
  • As soon as receiving-type Inventory Transactions are saved Inventory Status is updated so that Back Orders can be processed right away and inventory can be sold through order entry.
  • Create Purchase Orders from the Inv Status record list for specific Inventory Status records marked for reorder.
  • ACUMEN maintains Price History for each product for each month in which Product Price 1 or Price 2 changes.

ACUMEN Inventory management module allows you to centralize and optimize your inventory data across numerous channels.