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Acumen Back Order

ACUMEN Back Order Additional Module

Back Order Module
ACUMEN Back order Module prevents publishers from losing a deal due to out-of-stock inventory and establishes a running inventory count that is kept up to date for each warehouse. It also checks the product's inventory status when you add a line item to an invoice and alerts you whether there are any units remaining of the item or if there are enough to fill the entire order.

Features & Functionalities of ACUMEN Back Order Module

Easy Back order creation

Flexibility in Backorder fulfillment

Manage easily from the back order list

Miscellaneous Function

  • Check the inventory levels for a few chosen Back Orders quickly.
  • Open up each Back Order record and examine it.
  • Multiple Back Orders can have the same field updated simultaneously.
  • To fulfill backorders, transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.
  • Create the invoices needed to fulfill In Stock Back Orders and start the fulfillment process.
  • Removing all inactive Back Orders.
  • Cancel Back Orders.
  • Print preformatted and custom Back Order reports.
  • Configure an alert to notify a specific user when a backorder is restocked. 

Seamless Integration with other optional Module

  • Advance Order Processing module 
  • Credit Card module 
  • E-commerce PDF System
  • Electronic Data Interchange module 
  • Foreign Currency module 
  • Fulfillment Services module 
  • Prepaid Back Order module
  •  Remote Fulfillment module 

Are you looking for a backorder management solution for your publishing company? if so, you're at the right place.