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ACUMEN Integrations & Partners

ACUMEN offers integrations with many book publishing industry & relevant general-purpose software systems & companies. 

  • Overview. ACUMEN offers SOAP and REST APIs for e-commerce and other system integrations. It has multiple synchronization and custom import functionalities that drastically reduce or totally eliminate the need for custom programming required to integrate with systems that are not currently supported. The ACUMEN Data Scheduler enables it to exchange data with other systems via SFTP on a scheduled basis.


  • Editorial Systems. ACUMEN is integrated with the two most popular systems for the editorial department, Firebrand, and Virtusales. This reduces or eliminates the double entry of product and job data. Additionally, the ACUMEN Editorial System Sync module means that it can integrate with any other editorial or a customized project management system.


  • Print on Demand. The ACUMEN Print on Demand integration enables publishers to realize POD revenue throughout the English-speaking world. These integrations include Lightning Source systems in the US, UK, and Australia, Amazon Create Space/Kindle Direct Publisher, & Combined Academic Publishers.
ACUMEN Integrations
ACUMEN integrations
  • EDI. While ACUMEN can work with any EDI VAN, Bista has a special relationship with OpenText as well as with the book publishing experts at UnitechEDI. ACUMEN handles all mapping and transmission for Canadian publishers. ACUMEN supports over 25 EDI Partners, including the consumer direct for process for a number of large chains.
  • Advanced WMS. ACUMEN integrates with PowerHouse, Deposco, and most importantly, Odoo WMS. Odoo is the price-performance leader in the WMS space. As the leading North American Odoo implementer and integrator, we can provide you with expert advice for maximizing the efficiency of your warehouse operations. Depending on your requirements and budget, we can do this remotely or onsite.
  • eCommerce. Web orders can be inserted into ACUMEN via SOAP or REST, or imported. ACUMEN provides the ability to create a hierarchical web product category list and assign products to various categories. That data can be synchronized with your website via REST, reducing significant double entries.
  • Pick, Pack & Ship Services. ACUMEN supports over 15 pick, pack, and ship services that specialize in book fulfillment. Additionally, it provides generic order-level and line-level shipment confirmation formats that any service with a modern WMS can utilize.


  • Consignment Distributors. The ACUMEN Fulfillment Import Format Specifier can be used to match columnar formats from any consignment or ebook distributor. The format specifier also supports skip, translate, and convert logic rules that can be assigned to any column to meet complex requirements. The imports can be scheduled to automatically retrieve files from a distributor’s SFTP site.


  • Sale Reps. ACUMEN receives orders generated by Brandwise’s sales reps as if they are coming from a B2B website.
ACUMEN Integrations