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Acumen Credit Card Additional Module

Acumen Credit Card Module

ACUMEN Credit Card Module
The ACUMEN Credit Card module is designed to improve order entry, customer service, and banking operations by tightly integrating all aspects of credit card processing with daily activities. Communication with your bank's credit card network takes place through AOJMEN via the internet; no longer through a separate credit card terminal. This is a comprehensive solution that enables you to authorize credit card transactions, settle them with your bank network, and reconcile e the bank deposits, all from within ACUMEN.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Streamlines Order Entry: Process orders and credit cards simultaneously from within ACUMEN eliminating double entry at the credit card terminal.

  • Reduces Errors: Enter credit card numbers once. ACUMEN then pulls the number from the invoice record and automatically transmits it to your bank.

  • Increases Productivity: The automated deposit feature saves time creating and tracking credit card deposits and facilitates month-end bank reconciliations. Authorizations, settlements, and deposits are handled automatically.

  • Authorization Flexibility: You can choose from three different authorization methods: immediate, Manual Batch, or Scheduled Batch.

  • Fast Immediate Authorizations: Even with a dial-up internet connection, authorizations take between 5 and 10 seconds.

  • Avoid Credit Card Loss: With the authorization process tied directly to your order entry, you have better control over the shipping of credit card orders. ACUMEN does not allow unauthorized credit card orders to be processed.

  • Provides Powerful Reporting & Auditing: Summary and detailed reports for all your credit card transactions.

  • Web Integration: Works seamlessly with the ACUMEN eCommerce interchange module.

System Requirements

To utilize the ACUMEN Credit Card module, you need an internet connection, a credit card banking relationship, and an account with AuthorizeNet® or VeriSign®. The best way to obtain an account with AuthorizeNet or VeriSign is through your bank. Find out more at or

Module Highlights

A credit card can be authorized directly from the invoice Payment info screen. Authorized credit card information can be viewed from this screen as well.

ACUMEN Credit Card Module

Learn how Acumen Book Credit Card Module can help you with payment method and bank account management.