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Acumen Implementation

ACUMEN Book Implementation

Discover new business opportunities and solve some of the publishing industry's most difficult challenges with Acumen Books.
ACUMEN Book integrates all processes and functions into a single interface for book publishers, enhancing output through publishing-specific capabilities. It enables faster access, analysis, and creation of important data, allowing publishers to surpass industry norms. Acumen Books implementation helps in the automation of manual tasks, benefiting everyone from the editing team to the sales and marketing teams. It is a system that not only informs them of the most recent product changes but also expedites and moves things ahead.

Challenges faced by the Publishing Industry -

In order to perform daily activities in an orderly and successful manner, a publishing company should have comprehensive control over all operations and the finest possible data visibility. With Acumen Book Implementation, you can manage most of the challenges and operations in the publishing industry from a single interface.

Key Acumen Book features for Publishers and Book Distributors

  • Sales And Inventory Management– Real-time view of your available stock and precise inventory tracking based on Author, ISBN, edition, language, and Series No./Volume, among other criteria.
  • Schemes Management – Manage dynamic discount matrix-based schemes such as customer-based, item-group-based, and cash discounts on invoices.
  • Production and Operation Process – Organize inventory based on several UOMs and design a warehouse with a grouping system for precise tracking.
  • Royalty Management – Manage the collection and payment of royalties to authors and rights holders with ease.
  • Key Reports – Analyze purchases quickly using author, title, publisher, etc. Both a royalty analysis report and a preliminary cost sheet are easily generated.
  • Quality Management – Check Quality at each stage of production. There is also the option to accept or reject finished, semi-finished, and raw items.
  • EDI and ONIX support – With Acumen EDI Support, you can automate transactions with major vendors and customers. Send back shipping notifications and invoices with ease.
  • Consignment Management – Completely manage consignments, including tracking consigned inventory, managing consignment orders correctly without documenting them as sales, and recording and recognizing transactions as they happen.
  • Cost Management – Manufacturing costs are easier to foresee and manage. Calculate direct and indirect costs at the production order level and calculate the cost of rework or retesting easily.

Explore our Acumen Book Implementation services

We use our unrivaled expertise in book publishing ERP to help our clients get the most out of their investments in Acumen Book ERP implementation.


We work closely with the client team to satisfy their strategic business expectations while also understanding their requirements and challenges.


In this stage of Acumen Book Implementation we analyze significant business challenges. How can you manage sales operations such as export, book fairs, and specimens, as well as leverage sales opportunities?


Configure the software to meet the needs of the business and begin importing data.


This stage includes testing the migrated data and training the end users.


The modular, scalable, and flexible Acumen Book platform, which optimizes the publication process throughout the organization, goes live at this stage.


Following deployment, the final stage of nurturing your Acumen Book ERP implementation ensures that users are satisfied and the publication business reaps the expected advantages.

Learn how Acumen Book Implementation can help you manage your inventory on-the-go, make wiser decisions, and steer your publishing company in the right directions.