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Acumen Document Management Additional Module

ACUMEN Document Management Module

ACUMEN Document Management Module
One of the most effective elements of ACUMEN's range of solutions for digital office transformation is the Document Management Module (DM module). The DM module enables publishing teams to quickly attach, save, and access source documents. It also boosts on-site and off-site team productivity, increases job satisfaction, expedites and improves decision-making, and offers improved and new workflow options to help you organize your publication processes.

Features & Benefits Of Document Management

Functionality Highlights

Attach Once View Everywhere 

  • Documents associated with one record can be accessed from all relevant connected records.
  • Documents can be manually attached, bulk generated and attached, or imported.

Multi Level Document Security 

  • The ability to attach, view by the table, and other options are offered on a user level.
  • The ability to see a document can be configured at the document level, overriding User preferences.
  • When it comes to widespread access to a record, User Group Access takes precedence.
  • User access to company papers and media assets are rigorously regulated.

Access to work and Edition Table

  • Access to work and the edition table has been extended to include sales history export functionality, providing you with more reporting options in the DM Module.
  • Offer the ability to design and generate work and edition-level sales export.

AP Approval system and report 

  • You can utilize the AP approval system if you need additional team members involved in the process and greater control over payables.
  • With a quick scan and saving it as a  PDF, you can import the vendor invoice to the AP Voucher record.
  • It also provides an efficient email messaging system for getting approvals.
  • When you open an Invoice Attached AP Voucher record, the Vendor Invoice appears to the right of the form, making allocation simple.

Auto Attach Functionalities

  • When the bank reconciliation procedure is complete, automatically attach a PDF report to the respective Bank Account and GL Account record.
  • Create 1099 PDFs and automatically connect them to Vendor data.
  • Generate a Royalty statement and attach it to related royalty and work records.

Enhance your operational efficiency with ACUMEN Document Management Module.