Eval Test - ACUMEN Book

Eval Test

As we work together to evaluate whether there is a solid fit between your company’s business requirements and the ACUMEN Book software, we will be participating in a series of online demonstrations. The audio and video of these meetings VIDEOS will be recorded solely for your informational purposes. As these demonstrations are completed, they will be posted in this section of the Evaluation Center for your continued reference throughout the evaluation process. For example, if one or more of your colleagues is not able to attend a live online demonstration, he/she will be able to review a completed demo when convenient. This section will provide a resource tool that is targeted specifically for your company. Your team will be able to review the previously presented material to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and how it applies to your operations. Please note that these recordings are are recognized as private and confidential to your organization and are not available to the public. They are protected by the log in credentials you have been specifically assigned and by the mutual non-disclosure between your company and Bista.