Product Marketing Software Module for Book Publishing ERP.

Acumen Product Marketing

ACUMEN Product Marketing Module

Product Marketing Module
ACUMEN Book integrates all processes and functions into a single interface for book publishers, enhancing output through publishing-specific capabilities. It enables faster access, analysis, and creation of important data, allowing publishers to surpass industry norms. Acumen Books implementation helps in the automation of manual tasks, benefiting everyone from the editing team to the sales and marketing teams. It is a system that not only informs them of the most recent product changes but also expedites and moves things ahead.

Features of Acumen Product Marketing Module-

ONIX significant business benefits to publishers-

  • As a communication format, it enables the delivery of comprehensive product information in a common format to wholesalers and distributors, major retailers, data aggregators, and affiliate businesses.
  • By offering a model for the information and organization of a product record, ONIX has encouraged the development of stronger internal information systems that can compile all the “metadata” required for the description and promotion of both new and backlist titles.
  • Additionally, advanced information sheets, catalogs, and other promotional materials can be created using the same basic data.

Functionalities of Product Marketing Module -

You can stay competitive and streamline all of your sales and product marketing activities with the help of Acumen product Marketing Modules. It can help you reach your publication goals and outperform your competitors in the market.