The Publishing Industry Price/Performance LeaderTM


  • Designed to Maximize Return on Investment
  • Tightly Integrated for Optimized Productivity
  • Feature-Rich & Flexible
  • Intuitive, Easy to Learn User Interface
  • Extensive & Friendly Documentation
  • Responsive Customer Support


ACUMEN Book® is a customizable business management system for book publishers that improves productivity by virtue of being tightly integrated, highly functional and easy to learn and to use. ACUMEN is unparalleled in providing the ability to easily access, view and output data about your business.  

Sales Analysis

Product Marketing/ONIX

Marketing & CRM

Royalties & Rights



Job Costing



Order Processing


ACUMEN is designed to maximize the return on software investment by providing a core set of business features required for most book publishers, in addition to a wide selection of optional add-on modules that are dictated by a publisher's business model. The system configuration only contains the add-on optional modules that support the publisher's operations. Should those tasks adapt or change in the future, the system can be expanded to meet the new requirements. The resulting flexibility provides an enterprise business system that can be shaped in accordance with today’s needs and can be modified to handle future changes in requirements.

ACUMEN runs on both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The server can be installed locally on-site or can be accessed in a private cloud provided by the ACUMEN Hosting ServiceTM. The hosting service allows users to log into the software from any workstation with a broadband internet connection.